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Sail forward and forge ahead | Hangzhou Branch is lucky to open!

Sail forward and forge ahead | Hangzhou Branch is lucky to open!

On October 22, the establishment meeting and unveiling ceremony of Zhejiang Zhiyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch (Zhejiang Zhiyuan Environment Hangzhou Academy of Advanced Sciences Joint Laboratory) was held, marking the official opening and operation of Hangzhou Branch. Li Huilin, Chairman of Zhiyuan Environment, Professor Hou Huiqi, Vice President of China Science and Technology Corporation and Chief Engineer of Shanghai Institute of Physics of China Science and Technology Corporation, jointly unveiled the opening and operation of Hangzhou Branch. More than 30 people attended the opening ceremony, including Jin Xiufeng, Vice Chairman of Zhiyuan Environment, and heads of various departments.Inaugural meeting Li Yongjun, the general manager of Hangzhou Branch, said in his speech that the development of Hangzhou Branch is a key step for Zhiyuan's headquarters to carry out its national layout. It must be practical and stable, always adhere to the development philosophy and purpose of the headquarters, strengthen the mission, build a team of talents with strong innovation and high cohesion, and help enterprises go public.Chairman Li Huilin, centering on four aspects of innovative development, team building, planning and layout, and two-way linkage, adhered to the "four high" principle of high starting point planning, high standard configuration, high quality construction, and high level operation, and placed high hopes on the development of Hangzhou Branch. The task has been clarified, and the direction guides the road. It is hoped that Hangzhou Branch will take the opening ceremony as an opportunity, know how to bear heavy burdens and meet difficulties, take professional management and close cooperation, continue to make progress in integration and innovation, focus on strengthening the foundation, enhancing capacity, and optimizing reserves, promote management upgrading and scientific and technological innovation, and strive to build Hangzhou Branch into an excellent demonstration site of Zhiyuan's national layout.Professor Hou Huiqi congratulated Hangzhou Branch on its opening and operation. He pointed out that innovation and development are the top priority for the development of the Branch. It has a glorious mission and a great responsibility to develop new technologies and markets. We should fully understand the significance of the development of the Branch to the national layout of the headquarters, enhance unity in mutual support, fully integrate Zhiyuan's high-quality resources, effectively play the scale effect, and achieve new growth points.Unveiling ceremony After the founding meeting, Professor Hou Huiqi and Chairman Li Huilin jointly unveiled the Hangzhou Branch, a new journey, a new start, and an endless struggle! In the future, Hangzhou Branch has the courage to shoulder the responsibility entrusted by the headquarters and show the most beautiful chapter of struggle with the attitude of a pioneer!
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Struggle, Expedition and Win the Future -- the first batch of Zhiyuan Environment soldiers

Release Date: 2022-12--07
Passionate November, dream of going to war! On November 21, the company held a grand farewell ceremony for the soldiers who were going to Indonesia, with the participation of leaders at all levels and all business personnel. Their retrograde expedition lit up Zhiyuan's dream with surging passion, expanded the scope of development with the strength of striving, and explained the mission of who would give up with firm faith. 01 Planning a New Journey and Opening a New ChapterWu Yongqiang, the leader in charge of the Indonesian business sector, made a mobilization speech, and Zhiyuan people must go abroad for the first time. He put forward three expectations of "going out and surviving", "studying hard and being strict with requirements", and "strong support and looking for opportunities". He stressed that the team members should stimulate the morale of "being brave to contribute and climb", establish ambition, firm confidence, strengthen determination, deal with all difficulties and challenges, improve team building with high standards and strict requirements, develop the Indonesian market, undertake high-quality projects, and create a Xintiandi for the international development of enterprises!Liu Jun, General Manager of Indonesia Business Unit, made a statement: Zhiyuan Environment, as an environmental protection service provider in the field of comprehensive treatment of industrial environment, developing the Indonesian market is the first step for us to enter the country. We will resolutely implement the instructions issued by the company, show the spirit of indomitable struggle, live up to expectations, hold high the banner of self-improvement and pursuit of excellence, and open up a new development path for Zhiyuan!Tang Weimin, the deputy general manager of Indonesia Business Department, was full of confidence in the expedition, and expressed his gratitude to Director Li for his trust and the company's support. Standing at a new starting point, he chose to develop the overseas market, and actively explored the "successful return" while "bravely going out and firmly going forward".Li Huilin, Chairman of Zhiyuan Environment, delivered a mobilization speech. He said that Indonesia, as the first stop of the company's overseas market development, is also a new starting point for the company's "second venture". It carries Zhiyuan's original mission of green environmental protection, and is a highland for enterprise development and personal growth. There must be great prospects there! He hoped that as the pioneer of the company's overseas development, the Indonesian Business Unit could withstand the hardships and loneliness, establish a professional team that could withstand international comparison in the world tide, and become an important support for Zhiyuan's international development. All departments of the company, as the main rear area, should spare no effort to serve the soldiers in front, and provide sufficient guarantee of talents and materials for overseas market development. We encourage everyone to unite, strengthen their faith, maintain their enthusiasm for work, roll up their sleeves and work hard!02 Oath and flag awarding witness the glorious momentWhen you choose to go far away, you will only care about the wind and rain, which is the pledge and portrayal of your heart. The river of time flows endlessly, and the pace of progress is fast and steady. Entering a new era, Zhiyuan knows that this is a grand journey to pass on history and will certainly open up history, and this is a great era that calls for dreams and will certainly realize them. The strength of victory comes from Zhiyuan people who struggle, and the glory of victory will also belong to Zhiyuan people who are not afraid of difficulties and dangers. Zhiyuan soldiers are going to fight soon. Let's pay our highest tribute to our colleagues who are going to Indonesia! We hope that they can stride forward with great strides, break through themselves in challenges, gather strength in tribulations, lay a good foundation for Zhiyuan's international development, and solidly promote high-quality development.
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