Zhejiang Zhiyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in comprehensive treatment and service of "three wastes, energy conservation and carbon reduction" in the environment. The company provides customers with one-stop services such as environmental protection technical services, process design, environmental digitization and energy conservation upgrades, environmental intelligent equipment supply, hosting operations, and environmental testing, focusing on national strategic needs such as resource recycling, emission reduction and burden reduction, and energy conservation and consumption reduction.

      The company currently has more than 300 employees and a technical research and development team led by a doctor with a total asset of nearly 500 million yuan. The company has established scientific and technological innovation platforms such as overseas academician workstations in the field of environmental engineering, Jiaxing Doctor Innovation Station, and established a Hangzhou branch to operate the joint laboratory of "Hangzhou Advanced Academy and Zhejiang Zhiyuan", supporting third-party environmental testing centers, and conducting industry-university-research cooperation with universities such as Tsinghua University and the Environmental Science Research Institute of Fudan University.

      One of the company's leading products, the batch production of ceramic fiber catalytic filter tubes, has achieved import substitution and successfully exported to the United States. It has been included in the "Made in Zhejiang" list, and the complete set of integrated devices has been rated as the "First Set of Products in Zhejiang Province.". The modular nano-limited electrocatalytic oxidation equipment independently developed by the company is an intensive and efficient wastewater treatment equipment, with a wide range of applications and green and pollution-free characteristics. It has been rated as the "First Product in Jiaxing City".

      After years of technological research and development and product innovation, the company has obtained over 150 national intellectual property rights and more than 10 registered trademarks; Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001, GB/T29490 management system certification and CE certification, participated in the formulation of 3 national standards, 5 industry standards, and 2 group standards (published).

      Zhiyuan Environment has always advocated the core values of "integrity, innovation, energy conservation, and environmental protection", with the vision of "building a world-class environmental protection enterprise, achieving sustainable development", grasping the historical opportunities of industry development, using professional technology and research and development as the driving force, and core equipment as the carrier, focusing on promoting comprehensive treatment of the industrial environment, and building itself into a comprehensive solution provider and equipment supplier for waste gas, wastewater, solid waste, energy conservation, and environmental protection systems, Develop green national industries and strive to jointly build the "Chinese Dream".

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The company will be full of enthusiasm and spirit, as always, regarding quality reputation as life, continuous innovation and innovation, improve quality, in order to thank new and old customers for their support and love over the years, and welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and guide.


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