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Oxygen burner




- Low NOX emissions

- Bright flame

- Low energy consumption

- Increase 5%-10% production

- Low input
- Little maintenance









Product Description :


Oxygen is blown through a pipe installed underneath the air burner and facing the air burning flames. This method is called

oxygen blowing. This method increases less oxygen. It has the following advantages: 1. The existing air burner is not modified. 2.

The amount of produced nitrogen oxides is reduced. 3. Flame length can be extended by blowing oxygen,  the released heat can be more evenly distributed. 4. The flame is brighter. The heat radiation is strengthened. The heat utilization efficiency is improved. 5. The amount of production can be increased by 5-10%.    Oxygen injection means that between the air burning flame and the

glass material, under certain conditions, the flame will be drawn towards the raw material, which improves the heat transfer

efficiency. It reduces the possibility of overheating of air burners and gun bricks.    It is usually applied to customers who do not

want to change the structure of the kiln and the original air burning equipment.  It is also suitable for the conditions such as the

furnace encounters heat storage room;  heat transfer efficiency of the metal heat exchanger is lower and lower;  glass production

is low; or the production cost is high.     In addition, Zhiyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. can also provide a full range of auxiliary systems, including oxygen and gas control valve group, PLC, exhaust gas treatment, oxygen detection and

regulation guidance.


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