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Adjustable oxygen burner



- Low NOx emissions

- Bright flame

- Low energy consumption

- Little maintenance

- Adjustable length and width of the flame








Product Description :


Model Parameter Table 

Adjustable pure oxygen burner is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly pure oxygen burner. Its main feature is that it

can adjust the width and length of the flame when the oxygen and natural gas flow remain unchanged. It allows the kiln operator to adjust the flame length and width to achieve superior melt properties and high flame coverage area. It will maximize  the heat

transfer to glass and minimize the level of nitrogen oxide emissions.
    The burner can adjust the flow area of the gas and oxygen burners by adjusting the oxygen and natural gas hand wheels to

change the flow rate of oxygen and gas  Ultimately it will achieve the purpose of adjusting the width and length of the flame. 
    In addition, Zhiyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. can also provide a full range of auxiliary systems, including oxygen and gas control valve group, PLC, exhaust gas treatment, oxygen detection and regulation guidance.


No Type Specification Fuel Combustion Improver Flow Range Nm³/h Suitable Area
1 ZYHB-ROB-60 Natural gas Oxygen content more than 90% 15-60 All kinds of glass, steel, nonferrous metallurgy and other kilns
2 ZYHB-ROB-120 Natural gas 30-120
3 ZYHB-ROB-180 Natural gas 45-180
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