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Zhejiang compiles and prints manual for startup of exhaust gas treatment facilities

Time: 2020.03.17 Source: China Environmental Network Author:
China Environment News reporter Zhu Zhixiang and Yan Liyang reported from Hangzhou. Recently, following the "Guidelines for the Start-up of Reworked Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Key Industries in Zhejiang Province", Zhejiang has also compiled and issued the "Guidelines for the Start-up of Wastewater Treatment Facilities for Reworked Enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidebook"). , Combed and clarified the operating specifications of the exhaust gas treatment facilities during the process of resuming production and restarting the enterprise, listed relevant precautions, put forward special prevention and control requirements during the epidemic, and provided a powerful basis for the orderly resumption of production and rehabilitation of the enterprises involved in exhaust gas treatment in the province. Technical Support.
It is understood that due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, production in various industries in Zhejiang Province has been affected to varying degrees. Most enterprises have stopped production for nearly two months in accordance with the deployment requirements for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and have only gradually resumed work and production until recently. As enterprises resume work and production one after another, the pollution control facilities supporting the production of the enterprise will also be opened one by one.
As one of the enterprises' pollution control facilities, the exhaust gas treatment facilities include exhaust gas collection systems and exhaust gas treatment systems. In the case of long-term outages or large fluctuations in operating load, the treatment system is prone to problems such as insufficient collection of exhaust gas, blocked pipes or equipment, and abnormal operation of the system, which leads to abnormal control of exhaust emission of exhaust gas or excessive emission of exhaust gas.
In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the waste gas treatment facilities after the company resumes production and production, and the pollution control is not disconnected, the Guidance Manual introduces boiler waste gas, industrial furnace kiln waste gas, volatile organic compounds, other particulate matter, and inorganic waste gas for the current key gas-related areas in Zhejiang. According to the typical waste gas treatment process, and combining with the characteristics of the enterprise, the guidelines for the inspection points before starting, the focus of starting operation, and the adjustment of the operating load and key parameters have been provided.
According to the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, the Guidance Manual clarified the daily joint prevention and control measures for the operation and maintenance of the enterprise's exhaust gas treatment facilities during the epidemic period, emphasized the relevant epidemic prevention requirements such as ventilation and exhaust gas treatment, and made targeted recommendations. To ensure that the risk of the outbreak is further reduced.
In addition, the Guidance Manual also focuses on common problems and key points that are easily overlooked in the daily operation of exhaust gas treatment facilities. For example, the system combed in detail the abnormal emission control abnormalities caused by the re-opening of exhaust gas treatment facilities or excessive load fluctuations, as well as common abnormalities such as abnormal operation of single equipment and excessive emissions of exhaust gas, and analyzed the relevant causes. And put forward targeted treatment measures; clearly listed the precautions for daily safety protection, maintenance, and ledger records of exhaust gas treatment facilities.
"After the sewage treatment facility start-up instruction manual, we immediately compiled the exhaust gas treatment facility start-up instruction manual, which is to go all out to support the resumption of production and production and the stability of the economy and the stable development of the enterprise." The relevant person in charge of the Department of Ecology and Environment of Zhejiang Province said In the next step, the Zhejiang Eco-Environmental Department will also comprehensively establish a resident company waiter mechanism, implement the piecemeal contracting measures and the resident waiter system, and "send warmth" to enterprises to resume work and resume production.
Original title: Zhejiang compiles and prints a guidebook for the startup of exhaust gas treatment facilities