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Congratulations to our company's successful use of the denitrification process combined with the denitrification process in glas

Energy and environment are a serious problem faced by mankind. China is an economic power with almost coal as the primary energy source, and is also a developing country with coal-fired power generation as its main cause. The burning of coal has caused serious air pollution, especially the emission of It is the "acid gas" that causes acid rain and the "indirect greenhouse gas" that causes the greenhouse effect. If it is not controlled, it will have serious consequences for the entire ecological environment. China's coal resources are abundant and its reserves are large, but other energy resources are relatively small, and coal will still be the main energy source for a long time to come. Therefore, effective desulfurization and denitrification has great social, economic and environmental significance.
Our company combines dry and wet desulfurization and denitrification to combine dry and wet methods. In a glass cellar furnace, a certain concentration of ammonia is used to absorb most or part of the flue gas, and the volatilized ammonia and unexhausted ones are reused. Together into the dry removal stage, under the action of the catalyst, a selective catalytic reduction reaction occurs, further desulfurization and denitrification. Because most of the wet process is removed, the catalyst in the dry process can be effectively protected, and the ammonia gas escaped from the wet process is used as the reactant in the dry process. The two complement each other and can effectively improve the removal efficiency. The denitration efficiency is as high as 80. %the above.
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