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Hou Huiqi  Professor, PhD supervisor

Served as technical question in our company, thorium-based molten salt nuclear energy system research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy chief designer "Environmental Pollution and Prevention" and "Nuclear Technology" editorial board, vice chairman of Shanghai Yangpu District Environmental Protection Society, Fudan University Environmental Science Institute director. In 2010, at the beginning of the establishment of Zhiyuan Environmental Protection, Professor Hou Huiqi served as the technical question of Zhiyuan Environmental Protection and made great contributions to the company's technological innovation.


Deng Guogan

Born in August 1974, graduated from the Department of Materials of Southwest Institute of Technology in 1998, majoring in silicate, "Jiaxing New Century Specialty Technical Leader Reserve Talent" talent pool, former thermal technology expert of the Kiln Technology Department of Jushi Group, worked with the United States Long-term technical exchanges and cooperation with foreign companies such as AIR PR00UCTS, ECLIPSE, German LINDE, SORG, Czech GLASS SERVICE, etc., have achieved fruitful results in the technical fields of glass fiber furnace mathematical simulation, pure oxygen combustion, electric boosting, bubbling, and waste heat utilization. The results have made a huge contribution to the national energy conservation and emission reduction work. A number of scientific research projects hosted by Jushi Group have won many national, provincial and municipal science and technology awards, and have obtained 10 utility model patents from Tujia. In 2016, he officially joined our company.