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Zhiyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Tongxiang City, Hangjiahu Pain. It is 15 km from Wuzhen. Our company is a eco-friendly enterprise, which is professionally engaged in treatment of waste water, waste gas, waste solid and machinery manufacturing. Besides, the company reaches technical cooperation with Environmental Science Research Institute of Fudan University. The main business of the company include designing environmental protection project, contracting general engineering, debugging systems, custody operation management, offering technical advice and services, machinery manufacturing, etc. At present, the company has formed an integrated environmental protection enterprise with abilities to research, produce, sell, install and maintain the equipments, which include air burning equipment, pure oxygen combustion devices, electric melting devices, and bubbling technology devices, intelligent control equipments and water treatment agent.


Zhiyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has covered an area of about 37000 square meters. The total registered capital of the company is more than one hundred million yuan. It has established 5 subsidiaries, including Jingyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co.,LTD in Chengdu, Craftsmen Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd in Zhejiang, Hongyuan Environmental Science and Technology Co., LTD in Zhejiang and Aofeidi Import and Export Corporation in Tongxiang.


The products of our company have been sold in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Shandong, Chongqing and other provinces. What’s more, our company export products to foreign areas such as South Africa, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Our company has independently completed a complete series of project services in effective sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, sludge drying and noise control, for example, water desalination, water reuse, sludge drying, flue gas desulfurization denitration processing and other projects for Jushi Group China; flocking production line of organic waste gas treatment engineering for Kunshan Xiefu Man-made Leather Co., LTD; noise control engineering for Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt and Nickel Co., LTD; kiln desulfurization denitration project for Shandong fiberglass co., LTD ; and Kingboard Chemical Holdings, Tongkun Group, Zhejiang Yuandong Chemical Fiber Group, Flat Glass Group, Sinoma Science & Technology, Jiangsu Changhai Composite Materials, Chongqing Sanlei Gkass Fuver Group, Owens Corning Glass Fiber, other projects for Double Arrow Rubber Group, Golden Concord Thermoelectric Company, Fengming Group, Eastern Steel, China Metallurgical Huatian Environmental Protection Engineering, etc.


Zhiyuan pays a lot of attention to technology research and development. There are 32 technical personnel, including 17 professional designer. More than 60% of the staff have bachelor’ sdegrees.The company has been identified as the environmental science research institute of environmental engineering experiment base of Shanghai Fudan University, science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, high-tech enterprises, technology research and development center of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, etc. By 2016, reach has won 17 patent authorization, including one invention patent.


Our company will continue adhering to the enterprise values as integrity, innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection; to the guide of science and technology; to the mission of reduce pollution and protect environment; to the principle as making every project to be a boutique and be a spiritual practitioner of Chinese environmental craftsman. We are committed to be a leader in environmental technology industry and energy saving of industrial furnace. To build a green earth we are committed to make unremitting efforts.